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My name is ERIN and this is my ACNL blog. My main town is ROSEVIEW and its mayor is EFFIE. I've also bought a SECOND copy and started a town called PUDDING, governed by a mayor by the name of MILK.You will notice that FAUNA is my favorite villager of all time. Both towns are currently under CONSTRUCTION, but my main town will be finished soon. If you have anything to ask me whatsoever, please do not hesitate to pop into my ASK. My FC is: 2208 - 5292 - 5621. I do NOT have a dream address for either of my towns currently.

every single time i find a use for the worthless junk lying around my town i find new junk that i know ill never use but i keep it anyway

sprungit replied to your post“anyone interested in buying red carnations and/or orange cosmos ?? ? i…”
i’d love some orange ones. how many bells do you take for each?
i usually dont ask for much since these are relatively common hybrids !!! would 10K ea be okay ?? ? i have tons of them so i dont mind going lower

anyone interested in buying red carnations and/or orange cosmos ?? ? i got plenty so i would take bells, villager pix, items, bush starts, or other hybrids !!!

Looking for bushes!


I know America isn’t awake yet, but I’m in desperate need of bushes, mainly hydrangeas and sweet olives! I have a bunch of the weeding day-furniture if you’re interested in trading! c:

Anonymous: the only thing my mom does on animal crossing is pull weeds and collect sea shells and its the cutest thing ever i love her
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