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My name is ERIN and this is my ACNL blog. My main town is ROSEVIEW and its mayor is EFFIE. I've also bought a SECOND copy and started a town called PUDDING, governed by a mayor by the name of MILK.You will notice that FAUNA is my favorite villager of all time. Both towns are currently under CONSTRUCTION, but my main town will be finished soon. If you have anything to ask me whatsoever, please do not hesitate to pop into my ASK. My FC is: 2208 - 5292 - 5621. I do NOT have a dream address for either of my towns currently.


I’ve spent hundreds of hours decorating a virtual town that has no effect on my future and I regret nothing

*has been playing animal crossing for five hours straight*
me: im at uni in a week
me: who am i

so i was looking through my dumbo pictures and i saw the picture i took when i had 420 followers and that was taken in like mid july ?? ? what the heck i have gained 400+ followers in a month

flower-gyroid replied to your post“i just love getting new furniture sets or customizing them at re-tail…”
i love the green set recustomized to light green + the alpine set recustomized to beige wood & leaf print!! it looks so nice together
omg…. that sounds so cute !!! i could design the inside of my house for hours !! it is so much fun :D

i just love getting new furniture sets or customizing them at re-tail or just mix-matching two different sets together !!! theres so many combinations of what could look cute and rad and what not !! i just love interiors goodbye

halcyon-xing: March 17th!

March - favorite color?

BLUE !!! always will be blue but acnl has made me start to like pink…..

17 - what is your morning routine?

well, im no super model or anything so its pretty simple !!! i like to sleep on my hair to flatten it out and make it less frizzy and then ill straighten it in the morning :) apply foundation, mascara, wHATEVER !!! brush my teeth and then im gone !! i dont take very long in the bathroom, heh

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