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My name is ERIN and this is my ACNL blog. My main town is ROSEVIEW and its mayor is EFFIE. I've also bought a SECOND copy and started a town called PUDDING, governed by a mayor by the name of MILK.You will notice that FAUNA is my favorite villager of all time. Both towns are currently under CONSTRUCTION, but my main town will be finished soon. If you have anything to ask me whatsoever, please do not hesitate to pop into my ASK. My FC is: 2208 - 5292 - 5621. I do NOT have a dream address for either of my towns currently.


"I can’t seem to catch a monarch butterfly. Can you help me out?" well shit, Cousteau, you might have better luck if you weren’t using a fucking shovel.

Anonymous: I'd fuck any villager in the game, and I plan to.


*trembles in fear of ur powers*

oh my god so i had to meet up with these girls im in a group with for class tomorrow and somehow towards the end of the evening we were talking about this guy in our class and how he’s a sexist asshole and we all agreed and we found his fACEBOOK AND HE’S OBSESSED WITH SHREK OH MY GOD IM SAVING ALL HIS PHOTOS AND LOOKING AT THEM WHEN IM SAD

Anonymous: Hey, there! I just want to say your account is freaking amazing! I love it! ^_^

aw, thank you !!! this totally made my day so thank you

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